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in restrain themselves to do more than their duty. capitalism has worked well in america, and we should be thankful. it has only worked well because we have the government guided by a constitution that proscribes legitimate, necessary limits. in so far as government obeys those limits, capitalism will survive. and we will prosper. i find america to be a nation by a large among nations in the world not much in need of prayer. we are prosperous, we're happy, we're living, we are gentle, we are kind. we have risked our own peace to defend the freedoms of others. we are a good mission. here is my prayer for america. i pray that america should have a government that is smart enough to know the goodness of its people, in a decent enough to respected. in respect it by restraining itself. [applause] >> think you, mr. majority leader. >> i did not realize i would disagree with dick on the subject of whether american needs prayer. i think this is a moment where america desperately needs prayer. this country is in a real crisis, and we have people suffering like they have not been suffering since
for debate. how many people in america know that the reason we are here is because the republicans don't even want to bring the bill to the floor for debate and amendment. while, that's their right under the rules of the senate is their right. they can filibuster, deily, obstruct. they can say no. but just as surely as that is their right it is our responsibility as democrats to move this bill forward. i would remind my colleagues on the other side of the ogle that last year voters overwhelmingly voted for barack obama to lead changes, to make changes, and one of the changes he campaigned so hard for most changes in the health care system. and just as surely voters elected democrats to majorities, big majorities in the house and senate to do the same thing so it's our responsibility to lead. and that's what we are doing now by bringing this bill to the floor. we are taking another giant step toward fulfilling the mandate, the mandate the people of this country gave to president obama and the democratic party last november to undertake a comprehensive reform of america's health care system. an
in the middle of 18 acres known as the president's park, the white house has been home to each of america's chief executives since john adams, with west and east wings added. it has undergone many changes, but the courthouse still remains a place of them recognized. divided into public and private sections, its ground and first floors are open for tours. above that are the private quarters of the family. inside the central mansion, there are 132 rooms, with a floor plan that unites the ground, state, and second floor with a centrally located oval shaped room. on the ground floor in the central space is the diplomatic reception room, with the map room, library, and china rooms complementing it on either side. one floor up is the state floor, anchored by the blue room in the center, with the state dining room at 1 did the hall, the east room at the other, and the red and green rooms of to either side of the blue state parlor. on the second-floor private residence, the yellow oval room is the central space, ordered by the treaty room, lincoln bedroom, and the queen's room to the east of it.
of america's most beloved celebr y celebriti celebrities. >> he would sit on me. >> secrets we would never believe unless we heard it from their own mouths. >> i started waking up in my father's hotel room. >> shocking and heart breaking. >> my mother would say no, joe, you're going to kill him! >> whitney houston stunned america when she confessed about her devastating drug use with now ex-husband, bobby brown. >> you were free casing cocaine. >> yeah. >> your drug of choice was weed with cocaine. >> rock cocaine. >> she dropped bombshells about her with bobby brown and how abusive their relationship was. >> eyes were looking at us. >> secrets don't get much darker than mackenzie phillips's revelations to larry king about her incestuous relationship with her father, john phillips. >> all i remember is arriving in the room, getting high and during a blackout when you are not in your body, you come to and i was in the act of having sex with my father. >> mackenzie's book high on arrival revealed the details of this dark secret she had carried for 31 years. >> we need to talk about how i use
of new jobs in secure clean energy sources that are made in america and work for america but in the meantime we are looking for ways that we can start reducing this threat right now. last friday i saw some of you at the white house state briefing that i hosted with lisa jackson the administrator of our environmental protection agency. at that briefings we talked about many of the steps my department is taking in this area for funding research on the health costs of greenhouse gas emissions to investing in committees to help demaris fanta climate related disease, to slashing greenhouse gas emissions and are owned buildings. this is not an afterthought for my department. this is a key part of our broader health strategy. wore and more we understand that health is not something that happens justin doctors' offices. whether you are healthier not depends on what you eat and drink, what e bright, how you get around and where you live. a world that is heating up and powered by coal-fired plants that filled the sky with harmful greenhouse gas is going to have fewer healthy people
is this is a jobs bill. this is about creating jobs, and that is what america wants today. this is about giving you in the country the kind of certainty and predictability you need. you need to know what is expected of you. you need to know if you make those investments in alternatives that there is going to be a demand, a market. finally, there is this deep belief that this is the moral and ethical thing to do. i had the privilege of running the e.p.a. for eight years and worked with the world's leading environmental engineers. they are great and have solved so many problems for our country. but the truth of the matter is there isn't one among them who can reverse sea level rise once it starts to occur. we have to start to take the steps today so we can give future generations the same kind of opportunities and hope that prior generations have had, and i think we will do it. it will not be easy. it will not happen without all of your help in whatever form that takes. we have a lot of people to educate. we have people to educate not just in congress, but in towns and cities across the country. but
meade. >> right now on "showbiz tonight," sandra versus the porn star. tonight, america's sweetheart, santa ra bullock in a nasty dramatic fight with a porn star who used to be married to her husband. over a 5-year-old child. >> what would give her the right to take away my daughter? this is my daughter! i'm the best mother i can be. >> tonight, "showbiz tonight" with the explosive battle and the hot debate. sandra versus the porn star. who is right and who is wrong? >> per josh and fergie versus the stripper. tonight the startling claims that josh cheated on fergie with a stripper. "showbiz tonight" reveals josh and fergie's move to shut up the stripper. >>> is mega movie star nicholas cage broke? . unbelievable story about how cage may have lost his foreign ut. tv's most provocative entertainment news show starts right now. >> i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> i'm brookanerson come for example hollywood. sandra bullock versus the porn star. >> this is truly a remarkable story. it's so bizarre it almost seems made up. sandra bullock, the sup
openness the blame will fall squarely where it belongs, on the shoulders of the cuban government. america should never again allow the cuban government to use american policy as a scapegoat for that regime's failures. so, i finished by pleading with the members of this distinguished committee and house of representatives to pass the freedom to travel to cuba act. i also asked senator kerry as the chairman of the foreign affairs to co-sponsor and mark up the senate version of the freedom to travel to cuba act. thank you, and may god bless america. [applause] >> thank you. again, please. ms. antunez is next. she will speak in spanish and then her comments will be translated so this will take a little longer than the normal presentation. knees antunez. >> [speaking in spanish] [speaking in spanish] >> translator: good morning. my name is antunez. i come as the sister and niece of political prisoners. i left cuba a short time ago as an activist in my country and worked as best i could to organize the family members of political prisoners to advocate for their release. my uncle who has serious
america, he talked about how it's going. >> i have only been on hormone therapy for about eight months. i feel so much more comfortable than i have ever been. more to come. probably the first thing that was an incredible hurdle was the idea that i was not going be able to do this privately like most people can. and then i think it was dealing with the people in my life and how it was going affect them. and finally it came down to, you know, realizing that i got live my life for myself and life is short and precious. and you know, this is who i am. i need to finally be who i am. >> this was a very difficult decision to make but it is the best decision i have ever made. i am happier. more confident. you know, i feel great. i mean, i feel great. and, you know, it would almost be easy to say why did i wait so long but i am a person who believes that things happen when they are supposed to happen. i was ready when i was ready and life is just great now. it is really great. >> chaz didn't say anything about how his mother, cher is dealing with his decision. >>> today we learn that the tv show t
rihanna described chris brown that night. watch how it was first revealed on "good morning america". >> he had no soul in his eyes. just blank. he was clearly blacked out. there was no person when i looked at him. >> very open and honest about the entire thing. what's your take on this? a good idea to reveal such gruesome details of the evening? >> chris brown will have to work really hard to recover from this interview. she was revealing and more importantly, we finally heard from the victim after nine long months. she was humble, honest and you got the sense that she really didn't want to speak to hurt chris brown. she loves him. this will do her well and it's very damaging for chris brown. she told us what took place. everyone has been curious. we could not move on with her or chris brown unless we knew the details. she confirmed everything we have been hearing for months. >> absolutely. now we know the truth. we have been getting a lot of passionate phone calls about this. nicole from louisiana doesn't think that rihanna should have spoken out about the beating. listen. >> caller: i th
ponce settlement remained unaffected and unchanged. the president has said america does not accept the legitimacy of continued israeli settlements. we recognize that the palestinians and other arabs are concerned because israel's moratorium limit the effect of the moratorium to the west bank. these are concerned we share. as for jerusalem, the united states policy remains unaffected and unchanged. as has been stated by every previous administration which address this issue, the status of jerusalem and all other permanent that his issues must be resolved by the parties through negotiation. the united states has not accepted and disagrees with any unilateral action by either party. a jewish state of israel living side by side in peace and security within independent and viable palestinian state. today's announcement by the government of issue helps move forward toward resolving the israeli/palestinian conflict. the parties can mutually agree on an outcome that extends to conflict in reconciles the palestinian goals of an independent in viable state. let me say to all the people of th
on "good morning america". >> is it a wake up call for me? big time. >> why she got back together with him and walked away. is it wrong to speak out as she is promoting a new album? the stripper speaks. at the center of the fergie controversy tells all. >> i really, really want everybody to know this is the truth. >> the new explosive claims that josh cheated on ferg we her. their powerful response. the shocking carrie pregenealogy sex tape. the fired former beauty queen who spoke out against gay marriage confronted with a sex tape. during an explosive court showdown. tv's most provocative entertainment news show starts right now. >>> i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> i'm brooke ander and tonight rihanna's tearful all. >> i want you to forget everything you have been thinking since she was brutally beaten and what she was going through. what we are about to show you will startle you. we got to see rihanna's first interview since the terrible night and it was truly startling. she held nothing back, revealing her personal pain and raw emotions and em
it was a bad move. a confession seen this morning on "good morning america". >> i will apologize for openly having relationships in the public eye. that was a huge mistake. if she would have had that to me, it's a stab in the back. >> just last week, haley accused jon of being emotionally abusive and jon is owning up to that and in his confessional shown on "good morning america," he said he and haley are putting the brakes on their relationship until after the divorce. >> i don't want another failure from my past actions. i don't want to make the same mistakes i did with kate. >> "showbiz tonight" said she is not sure goz lynn is giving up his fame-seeking ways. >> it's like him choosing to work with the rabbi shows he is not ready to give up fame. he didn't go to the priest down the street. he chose a celebrity rabbi. i buy the fact that he is sorry, but is he sorry for what he's done or because america dislikes him is the question. >> "showbiz tonight" is also breaking big news because coming up here, get ready for my explosive one on one exclusive. the headline making interview you will
. at this point taylor herself will not be america's sweetheart much longer if this continues. >> thank you for your call. call us and let us know what you think about this or anything else on your mind. >> we keep the phone lines open all the time. all weekend long. 888-sbt-buzz. leave us a voice mail so we can play your call. it is the interview that everyone, even me, we have been waiting for this. sarah palin going head to head with oprah. >> we don't have to keep going down the road of controversy and drama. we don't really like the drama. >> new revelations to oprah. what does she have to say about levi johnston and secrets from her book. what did she think when she heard her teen daughter was pregnant? >> will the most provocative celebrity of the week. carrie prejean, sarah palin or michael lohan who did the unthinkable of releasing recordings of his daughter. chris brown that beat up rihanna getting a standing ovation from a roomful of women. are you kidding? >> this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. keep watching for more provocative news from show biz tonight. >>> ryan seacrest and el
players out across america in these schools and addressing the questions of manhood, and how do you be in essence a manned-up man, but also a compassionate caring person that does not take up the gun. all of our young people admire you, and i wanted to pay tribute for jim brown and thank him. i am going to ask a very quick question to mr. goodell. would you work with us to implement a program that i would like to start with the d.o.j. and others on this question of violence among our young people? >> congresswoman, yes, we would. as i said earlier in the testimony, we believe we set the standard on the nfl level, that our players do on and off the field. i have spoken to mr. brown about the work he is doing, and i encourage it. and i would welcome the opportunity. >> the full disclosure, and this separates from the questioning, this would be different from what you traditionally do. mr. smith, would we be able to work with you on this issue? >> absolutely. i am always happy to work with the attorney general and with you as we have done in the past. we have challenged our players to
for $167. it is things like these are running up the cost of health care in america. you were right, mr. morris. we are too slow in getting laws against what is happening here. if we could be more diligent about the rules and regulations without loopholes, then we would do a good job. thank you very much. guest: medicare pays way too much for services. our audit teams and the value leaders have demonstrated this time and time again. you can buy an oxygen concentrator for $700. medicare pays $1,700 in rentals. not only is that coming out of the trust fund, but because beneficiaries are paying a copiague, that means they're paying for two hundred dollars that he does not need to. we need to be much more responsive. there are bills right now that would allow the medicare program to stop pena as quickly as it does in fraud hot spots. under the law, medicare has to pay a claim within 30 days. they have billions of claims coming through every year. less than 3% are reviewed before payment. we need to change the system to a prevent and detect. host: tweet here. is there anything in the house h
the case dismissed. he said on "good morning america" and the "today" show that these claims of innocence are a bunch of bunk. >> this was not a legitimate transaction. who negotiates a business transaction at 6:00 in the morning in the shadows of somebody's apartment building? he said your world is about to collapse. >> halterman's lawyer said 6:00 a a.m. is a fine time. >> you go back to 6:00 in the morning as if you have to make the request during normal business hours? i don't get it. >> he said i have embarrassing material and asks for money and gets a check for $2 million. a check! it seems like an open and shut case. >> if the case goes to trial which it looks like it will, part of the defense would be to say that he created a hostile work environment by sleeping with employees. we brought in a lawyer of our own and ran it by him. whether he created a hostile environment is irrelevant. what happens now? it look like the case will go to trial. once again david letterman will be dragged into a ver public and potentially very embarrassing situation. the question is, will a judge bate
to do it one issue at a time. how do you see it developing? >> please of america persian news network. ambassador limbert, when at what point did you say enough is enough it isn't working? >> could you clarify that question a little bit? [laughter] there are many ways of reading that. >> once you have gone through or 14 points and steve tunnell door negotiations, you've been patient enough, you have such expectations high. >> okey we will get a question here and then he will take the answers. >> alex, daily telegraph. the urgency now is the nuclear issue. i would be interested to know how profound and you think is iran's ambition -- >> excuse me? >> how profound is iran's ambition? >> one more than we will get the answer. >> i am from south america. today we have -- >> from? >> south america. argentina. we have brazil today, and i want to know if this is a message to the u.s. that mahmoud ahmadinejad can talk to other leaders of the western hemisphere and try to answer negotiations? >> we will take the answers. >> okay, let me try that. attempts, from your question, attempt at great b
were scheduled. the campaign said right on, good, this is what america needs to see. it was a good interview. i knew it was not a good interview. >> i am joined now by mo rocca. sarah bernard, and brian, comedian and journalist. welcome to the show. did you see the interview she did? >> i did. >> did you think it was hostile of katie? >> it was straightforward questions and she did what she was supposed to do. she did follow up. it was like journalism 101. it is sad that that seemed extraordinary. she did a great job. >> why was it seen as extraordinary. >> she wouldn't answer a single question. it is okay if it is for children. she just wouldn't cave in and say it. it was a question that was beneath her and i think that is what ended up biting her. >> i think it was actually really interesting because people in the audience of the oprah taping said that sarah palin intimated that she might be interested in hosting a talk show. i thought that was the most interesting news. is that what we will get? that will be christmas for a long time. >> i thought that sarah was brilliant in wha
learned a one-on-one interview with diane sawyer will air on good morning america. rihanna has been named one of "glamor" magazines woman of the year. she said about the fateful night, quote, i went to sleep@as rihanna, and woke up as britney spears. that's the level of chaos that happened the next day." if there is one positive thing, people can learn from her situation. this is what she tells glamor. >>> tonight, heath ledger's last movie coming out soon. and tonight we were there, as the casting crew remembered ledger. when he died before the movie was finished, johnny deposit and jude law were hired to play versions of his character. and at the premiere, we were told this. >> it's not what he appears to be. that's the fun part. so he literally said that i was showing the story board to the special effects guys, and he slipped me a note asking if he could play tony. and he is the one person that won't get to see the movie. >>> here is what is coming up at the bottom of the hour on "showbiz tonight." remember she told everybody to kiss her fat ass? now she is showing off her weight loss
she talks about the real america, she separates the american people from each other. when we're in wars, you're going to need every american to fight the wars not just the real america. i find that very divisive of her. do you? >> no. >> sorry, is this for hilary? >> hilary, go ahead. >> it wouldn't necessarily be divisive if ann was writing the book but if it's a politician trying to prove they can make progress in the country, they can bring people together they have a thoughtful position to sell because success in politics is about bringing people together, at least enough so you've got a majority, i think the issue for her is she spends way too much time in this book blaming other people. i don't think john mccain lost because of sarah palin, but i do think it added to the message that he was erratic, that he wasn't prepared himself to take on a lot of the issues seriously, and the fact that she wasn't a substantive enough and consistent enough partner proved his bad decision-making. i don't think it was only her fault but having said that, there are a lot of things that
expect her to command any loyalty in a political class. she may have real america on her side. i don't think those people respect someone who makes -- >> one of the things that is interesting. i'm not interested in the elites, i'm interested in real americans. what are her policy solutions? we want to de-regulate and cut taxes. that's what crashed the global economy. tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts and let's create a free for all on wall street. they're not original ideas. they do help some americans. the elites. the elites of the elites. they benefit when you cut their taxes and take away regulations. that's how you make a lot of money on wall street. this is an old trick. bush used it as well. playing the pop list card. serving the top 1%. >> it gaines ground quickly. >> that rhetoric does. >> i think obama shares some of the responsibility for that. people in the country are angry, they feel neglected. i don't think she would have quite as strong a base as she seems to have right now as some of the proms if some of the promises that obama made on the campaign trail had been acted on
and why she wasn't happy with how america found out about her daughter's pregnancy and what she felt about the katy couric interview. >> it was annoyed and it was unprofessional of me to wear my annoyance on my sleeve. >> conservative lightning rod ann coulter. how does she think sarah held up on oprah and the outrageous carrie prejean sex tape scandal. what does she think about that and a porn distributor is offering carrie millions for tapes they claim they have of her. ann is the author of the best selling book out in paper back. ann coulter joins me here in new york. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> you talk about sarah pail 99 your book. her new interview on oprah winfrey. what do you think? what it a good idea for oprah to be the first place sarah went to talk about her book. oprah endorsed our president, barack obama. >> and refused to have sarah palin on in the campaign. >> she refused to have anybody on. >> she had obama. >> not during the campaign. >> but it's a big story. the vice presidential nominee. it did seem a little bit of a diss. >> they addressed that on the show
as america's sweethearts. those of you that are younger, all three of you, and you can't, you know, you can't relate to any of this, try to think of it this way. think of eddie as brad pitt, debbie as jennifer aniston and elizabeth as angelina jolie. does that help? that should really help. >> i'm back with the very funny, very talented carrie fisher who explains in detail her very complicated family tree in "wishful drinking." joining us on the phone, a very important branch of that family tree. debbie reynolds. hello, debbie. >> hello, there. >> hi, mom. >> hello, darling daughter. >> so, debbie, you've seen the play, right? >> i've seen it about seven times. it's great. >> so it there anything in there that you can relate to or that you -- or that you would say -- >> no. i would just -- i think she should have put everything in then it would have really been an overnight sensation. >> what did she leave out? what did you leave out? >> mom -- oh, yeah, there's some stuff -- >> why are you looking up? >> because she's god. >> debbie is god. >> i hear the voice from up there. >> you're very
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